Our speaker today is a longtime resident of North Carolina who goes by the road name “Bulldog.” For 6 years he has been the Cape Fear President of the biker organization, B.A.C.A. which stands for Bikers Against Child Abuse. BACA is a charitable worldwide motorcycle organization with the intended purpose of empowering abused children.

Bulldog described the terrible statistics of child abuse in the U.S. where 2.9 million children are abused annually and in the worst cases, five kids die daily. Ninety percent (90%) of those kids under 5 years old when they were abused are now child abusers themselves.

Bulldog noted that BACA members are not role models, not mentors, but serve to empower kids. In many cases, after an hour visit these kids are on-board with the support they receive from BACA members.

We leverage biker mystic through our logo which shows our support and deters perpetrators.

Once a child is referred by social services to the local BACA chapter, a primary and secondary support member is assigned by the chapter to meet with the child to talk about how BACA will be there for them going forward. After the initial meeting with the child, all our brothers and sisters ride to that child’s house to empower them. They get a blanket or a teddy bear. Bulldog estimates that he rides 20,000 miles/yr in support of BACA activities.

Each week for a month all the brothers and sisters meet with the child after which meetings are monthly for as long as needed. Of course the primary and secondary are always available to support the child.

One activity Bulldog mentioned was the child’s first ride. The child gets the sense of support because two riders proceed the child riding on the middle motorcycle followed by two riders at the rear–thus the child is ‘surrounded’ by supporters.

The BACA organization has strict rules and procedures to ensure the safety of children who they empower. For a potential new member of BACA, there is a protocol of stages for membership that applicants must complete over a period of a year before ever being accepted into the chapter or to later serve as a primary or secondary for an abused child. Two members are always present when BACA meets with a child.

Bulldog said that BACA meets with the child’s counselor to determine what is needed for the child and use donated funds to cover as much as necessary to help the child. BACA is a 501 3c charity to raise money for children only, members cover bike expenses, but pay no club dues. Visit the Cape Fear Chapter website to learn move about this truly unique organization.

There is a particular moving video on the BACA International website that gives an overview of BACA, what is does, and how it made a difference in one child’s future going from an abused child to an empowered, out-going participant in her high school. Watch now.