Keith Williams

President Carrie Hewitt introduced Keith Williams our speaker this past Tuesday morning. Keith is the County Executive for Brigade Boys & Girls Club in Onslow Co. After 32 years in the insurance industry Keith planned on an early retirement, but things quickly changed when he met Bill Mercer, the Chairman of Onslow’s Advisory Board. After some discussions with Bill, Keith realized there was more work to be done.

Keith is a product of the Kennedy Home in Kinston, so working with children was a win-win. Since taking the position with Brigade, they have seen continuous growth. Onslow currently serves over 225 children daily in their after school programs. Keith says, “I do this work with one thing in mind. It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Keith said first of all that people like you (Kiwanians) are why I am here today to ensure that no child is left behind just like your Kiwanis motto. We (Bridgade Boys and Girls Club) enable all young people to be productive and responsible citizens. We reach every child, we never leave any child behind.

What We Do

Keith noted that “Our Mission is to inspire and, through character development, enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

Between our Brigade Boys and Girls Clubs in Onslow and New Hanover counties we are running 10 programs where 2,200 kids are being served to make an impact in their lives. The clubs went into remote learning centers when schools closed due to COVID which was critical especially when a child did not have access to a computer for online learning. Many children in remote learning centers did better in their course work than those that were not.

On May 25, we plan to transition from remote learning and start our summer camp program with a quick transition in Onslow for 325 kids at four locations. We know as we go into summer camp mode that kids want to enjoy summer, so our activities will be focused on fun activities such as sports, art, etc., plus summer brain gain.

Brigade Boys and Girls Club

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