Kimberly Patrizi

Club Treasurer Kimberly Patrizi briefed the Club this morning on the status of our finances. Kimberly noted that the Club had a successful year of fundraising primarily because members donated their time and goods depending on the fundraiser to ensure success. Notably, the Club was able to fund nearly $20,000 in grant requests from teachers at Surf City Elementary and Middle Schools, Coastal Elementary as well as Dixon Elementary and Middle Schools. In addition, the Club donated $5K to Share-the-Table as well as prepared meals for the Sunday night dinners.

Budget Highlights

  • Services net positive of over $2,000 vs, budget
  • Admin net positive of over $3,000 vs. budget
  • Fundraisers netted over $13,500 year to date
  • Received $1,500 in Scholarship Matching Grant from the District
  • With 13 new members year to date, just one more new member will bring us to our goal of 14 new members by 9/30/22

Budget Document 2nd Quarter