Nicholas Tripp

Our speaker Tuesday morning was Nick Tripp from Coastal Carolina CPR. His message was simple “What do you do when someone collapses and their heart stops?” Call 911, move the person’s head back to check for blockage, move head back to normal position and start CPR chest compressions at the rate of 200 compressions per minute. Continue compressions until EMS technicians arrive, if person remains unconscious. If an automatic defibrillator with self-guiding instructions is available, someone should set it up and follow the automated verbal directions.

Several members were called up front to practice chest compressions. Here Roger does his best to keep 200 compressions per minute going steady.

Nick also demonstrated the Heimlich maneuver where Roger was choking on an object lodged in his windpipe and Mike practiced the Heimlich maneuver to remove that object. No one was injured during this exercise,.

Next the group went through a simulated CPR emergency in which Nick assigned two Kiwanis members to alternate applying chest compressions, one member to man the defibrillator and one member to take notes on the timeline when CPR was started, when defibrillation was applied, when CPR resumed so that the EMS responders would know the treatment the patient had received prior to their arrival.

Nicholas has had a passion for fire and EMS since he was 14. He started out as a cadet and rose through the ranks to Assistant Fire Chief. Nick has been an EMT since 2014 and an AHA Instructor for over 5 years. In his strive to always be learning, he has found a talent to pass that knowledge on to others via teaching.

To learn more about Coastal Carolina CPR training visit their website at