Taylor Maready

Taylor Maready owns and operates Ecological Marine Adventures here on Topsail Island. EMA teaches kids of all ages about the ocean through hands on experiences like field exploration, experiments and touch tanks just to name a few. Their motto is “Learn Love Protect. “

Taylor’s enthusiasm and exuberance bubbled over this morning even at 7:30 in the morning! After giving us a few quick facts about the ocean like 50-80% of the world’s oxygen is produced by phytoplanton, algae and drifting plants in ocean surface waters, he zeroed in on his love of everything ‘ocean.’

Taylor, his wife, Amber, and one full-time employee bring the wonders of the ocean and its natural environment to life first hand for kids and their parents. From ocean boat trips, to the sandy beach, to the marsh, Ecological Marine Adventures puts hands-on learning first and foremost for kids.

For example, Taylor described a fishing outing for kids where they netted fish, identified them, measured their key dimensions and logged the collected data much as an actual scientist would before releasing the catch.

Before COVID, Taylor brought his EMA story to elementary and middle schools in Pender, Onslow and other counties in coastal NC. Of course these school visits revolved around hands-on experiences along with stories about conservation and protecting the environment. Taylor believes we can make a difference in our attitudes toward conservation and environmental protection by reaching out to school age kids and their parents.

During the COVID pandemic, EMA has offered in-home programs that have attracted over 100 kids as well as in-person classes for kids when they are virtual learning each week. The in-person classes run for 6 weeks and cover a variety of topics such as ‘Ocean’s Most Toxic Creatures’ looking at jellyfish, venomous fish, and other toxic creatures in the sea.

During the summer months, EMA has an aquarium and touch tank adventure for both kids and parents at their Surf City Education Center located at 106 N. Topsail Dr. Taylor said that they also offer an extensive education camp program during the summer for kids covering all aspects of the ocean and its creatures, as well as the marshes and its creatures on Topsail Island. One quote from the EMA website says it all about Taylor and his passion for learning ‘We offer fun classes, really fun classes, super fun classes, and extremely adventurous classes.

You can visit Ecological Marine Adventures on the web or call them at (910) 515-9751 to find out more about their offerings and programs.

Thank you, Taylor, our Club really enjoyed your presentation.