About the Foundation Board

The Kiwanis Foundation of Topsail Island Area, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was formed by the club several years ago as a way to invest monies from fund raising projects into the stock market. A goal of $350,000 dollars was set so that prevailing interest rates of return would serve as the major source of scholarship funding each year. The fund has been wildly successful returning about 9+% a year on investment thanks to the efforts of long-time serving Tim Hodell, board chairman, and his investment team.

In 2019, the Foundation board was re-organized as members rotated off and new members were appointed to the board. Rodney Dillman is our current, President and Director of the Board.

Foundation Board Members

Club DirectorsPosition
John BurkePresident
John PatriziVice-President / Secretary
Lisa BrownTreasurer
Don ShadwellDirector
William (Buddy) FowlerDirector

To learn about Foundation activities and fundraising, please click here