Fidel Forde

President Carrie Hewitt introduced Fidel this morning. Fidel is owner of Ignite Your Spark in Holly Ridge. Fidel is a man of many talents …not only is he a motivational speaker, but he is also a Yoga instructor and massage therapist. Fidel specializes in body, mind, and life coaching. He uses his broad experience to equip individuals with the mindset, movement and motivation that will allow them as he says ‘hustle with grace and wake up every day with a spark.’

Fidel introduced himself as the ‘Caribbean Cowboy!’ He immediately connected with his audience and used examples of his person experience to point to many of the problems we face and must over come to improve our self-awareness, self esteem and ‘wake up every day with a spark.’

As an example of the importance of movement, Fidel had he audience stand up and go through several yoga stretches to help relax us and clear our mind.

Fidel is very passion about his coaching and mentoring as he demonstrated throughout his presentation this morning. As a motivational speaker, Fidel grabs his audience and doesn’t let go. He received a warm round of applause after his presentation.

As Fidel says, ‘So… you are ready to create more ease, more joy, more impact, more time, more energy, and have a graceful hustle?’ Then connect with Fidel and take advantage of all he offers. You can visit him on the web at Ignite Your Spark