Daniel Flynn

Daniel Flynn, from the Onslow Pregnancy Resource Center of Jacksonville, NC, brought his ministry for pregnant women to our club this week. As Daniel explained the vision of the center is ‘a community where every life is protected – physically, spiritually, and emotionally.’ Daniel went on to describe the mission of the center where ‘we are a Christ-centered ministry empowering individuals to make life-affirming choices.’ Onslow PRC is a non-profit with seven staff that includes a registered nurse and 45 volunteers who work to change a ‘dark place’ to a ‘place of light’ for pregnant women.

Daniel noted that the Onslow PRC served over 1,200 clients last year, but in the Jacksonville city limits alone there were over 2,000 Google searches for ‘abortion.’ However, ninety-two percent of the Onslow PRC clients gave birth last year an accomplishment that is noteworthy!

The Onslow PRC offers many ways to help pregnant women. One such support is the father program where volunteers talk with the father while the mother is visiting the center. Oftentimes, a women’s first visit to the Onslow PRC is one of not knowing if they are pregnant. Services are available that support women through pregnancy testing, ultrasound, abortion pill reversal, STI/STD information, and education classes where women also earn credits towards baby supplies provided by the Onslow PRC all at NO COST to our clients.

Click Here to Visit the Onslow Pregnancy Resource Center to learn more about their support and education programs for pregnant women