Tammy Proctor

Tammy Proctor spoke with us Tuesday morning. Tammy works as the Director of Tourism here in Pender County and in 2014 she served as the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce. Tammy has been active in producing press releases, articles, and updating websites and social media for non-profit organizations.

Additionally, she writes articles for several other companies and in May 2013, Tammy’s article, “And I Get Paid for This” was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul – Inspiration for Writers.

She is here today to give us an update on what is going on in Pender County.

Tammy started off by talking about ‘We are in the bubble!’ Families realized that the beach was the place to go during COVID-19, since it was safe to travel by car, there were no elevator buttons (in large hotels) to push, and they would be safe in an uncrowded destination. She pointed out that over 500,000 web visitors viewed the Pender tourism video, and they have been receiving over 300 requests per month for their Visitor’s Guide to Pender County.

Tammy pointed out that as it is ‘National Travel Week’ in America it was very appropriate for us to invite her to our Club meeting this morning. Tourism is important to Pender County generating $105 million dollars for the local economy this past year. That translates into a savings for county tax payers as the tourism revenue helps keep the need to raise taxes lower.

Tammy mentioned the ‘Blue Economy’ concept in North Carolina during COVID-19 as anything relating to water and tourism for the beaches and ‘blue skies’ for the western mountains where the public feels safe as uncrowded vacation destinations. The Piedmont area has not benefited from this blue travel as much, since tourism destinations there have mostly large hotels.

Another tourism destination in Pender Co. is associated with the NC Oyster Trail, where tourists ‘Experience the Napa Valley of Oysters’ featuring festivals, great seafood, craft beer, outdoor adventure, and shellfish farm tours.

Tammy talked about Ghost Walk where the Ghosts of Pender’s Past is a sell-out event in a normal year in the Town of Burgaw. However with COVID a retro idea has been adopted for 2021. “The show must go on,” said Stephanie Key, the artistic director of Ghost Walk: The Ghost of Pender’s Past. “To provide ghostly stories in a COVID-19 setting, we’ve gone retro. We’re bringing the Ghost Walk, a drive-in to Burgaw on Oct 23 and Hampstead on Oct 24.” For details on Ghost Walk follow it on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PenderCountyGhostWalk/

Following Tammy’s talk the Club members and our guests from the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club posed with her for a group photo.

For more information on tourism in Pender County follow this link https://www.visitpender.com/