Tammie Parris

Tammie Parris, President of the Pender Education Partnership (PEP) Board of Directors was on our speaker this Tuesday to talk about this partnership that promotes learning and scholarship in the Pender School District. Pender County Schools’ Dr. Steven Hill, Superintendent was in the audience in support of PEP. Tammie is very passionate about PEP and the support it has provided through fund raising to support teachers through ‘mini-grants’ this past year as well to provide scholarships to graduating seniors to further their education or support their efforts to learn a trade skill for the job market.

Tammie was very proud to describe the new ‘Pender County Wall of Fame’ started recently to honor outstanding alumni as well as educators from the Pender County Schools. At the ceremony June 14th, alumni Ambassador Mattie Sharpless, Dr. Johnny Batts, Judge Gary E. Trawick, Mary Jordan, and Valdosia  Williams were inducted into our Wall of Fame.

Tammie described the ‘Open Mic Event’ held this year as a very successful fund raiser where 45 citizens participated in the effort that raised about $3,500 dollars to go with the almost $4,000 raised for the event through prior contributions. PEP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation with a totally volunteer board and staff so that 100% of the funds raised go towards the program. Many Kiwanians from our Club are contributors to this worthy program.

Following Tammie’s presentation, Nicki Swafford, club vice-president (lf) and Kimberly Patrizi club treasurer (rt) presented Tammie (cntr) with a $500 dollar contribution from our Club to support PEP

To learn more about PEP or to make a donation, please follow this link to the PEP website