Katie White

Katie White, Recreation Program Supervisor, with Onslow County Parks & Recreation spoke to the Club about a special program she directs that provides a ‘Remote Learning Center’ for elementary and middle school students when the county was under remote learning. Katie has spoken to the Club previously in her role as a parks and Recreation Superviser for Surf City.

Since taking on a similar position with Onslow County, Katie has continued her efforts to provide a learning and recreation environment for kids. With an innovative approach to funding through the national CARES act that provides funds for resources lost due to COVID-19, Katie came up with the idea to ‘extend’ summer camps by setting up a ‘Remote Learning Center’ for kids who were under a virtual learning mandate in Onslow County, so that parents who needed to go to work would have a safe place for their students to learn and interact with staff as well as to exercise (recreate) during the day.

In many cases, the remote learning center saved the family home situation since parents that had to work to earn had a very viable option to leaving their kids unattended during work hours. Although the daily fee is $10, Katie was able through the CARES program to even offer scholarships for those kids whose parents were in financial distress.

Katie found two locations for the Remote Learning Centers, one in the community center in Holly Ridge and the other in Jacksonville. The Holly Ridge location also serves kids from Pender County. About 150 students have participated in the program at the two locations so far.

Click on the link below for a description of the original program

Now that Onslow County schools are back to full time for elementary students, the Remote Learning Center program has changed to provide a safe alternative for Middle School students who are on remote learning for 2 days per week.

Click on the link below for a description of the current program which includes K-5 as well as middle school program for grades 6-8

Katie it was inspiring to us how you figured out a solution for kids that needed a safe place for remote learning and that solved a family problem for distressed families as well as provided for recreation in addition to learning.

Thank you, Katie for bringing this example of how just like the Kiwanis motto, ‘Kids Need Kiwanis’ you found a way to provide what Kids need in these challenging times.