Dan Callender

Dan Callender from Salty Turtle Beer Company, located at 103 Triton Lane in Surf City was on hand to talk about founding and operating a micro brewery in this competitive market. Dan talked about the hurdles he and his partners had to overcome to make Salty Turtle the microbrew success that it has become. He also explained about the nuts and bolts of brewing the different kinds of micro brews that Salty Turtle offers.

After experimenting with different ingredients to perfect each beer type that Salty Turtle offers and the time it takes to devote to the rest of the business aspect, the company hired a brew master to oversee production. Dan said each batch of micro brew takes about a half day to produce. Even though Salty Turtle can brew in 200 gal tanks, their most popular beers couldn’t be produced fast enough, so they partner with a Cary microbrewery who had a larger tank capacity to have enough beer on hand for the increased demand they are seeing.

One component of the success of Salty Turtle is the community outreach the company supports. As former military service members, Dan and his partners wanted to return to the community the support they had been shown will on active duty. Not only does Salty Turtle showcase their brews at community events, they also host special group events at their business location.

Dan offered to host a Kiwanis get together event at the Salty Turtle this fall when we start meeting for service projects in the evenings, with sharing a meal afterwards.

In the meantime, please visit their web site to see the full range of micro brews and services they offer.