Les King

Our 2021 scholarship address was given by our own Les King. As everyone knows, Les excels in public speaking and this morning was no exception as he quickly brought both of our 2021 Scholarship winners, Ashley Schaefer and George Davis from Dixon High School into his commentary. His talk aimed to steer our two scholars into thinking about “What could be.” Les mentioned that many of us in the audience were mostly senior citizens who have had all kinds of experiences ‘growing up.’ He encouraged our scholars to be open to new experiences at college. Les also said that as young college students you could ‘pivot’ your life course stream to make adjustments guided by the new experiences you have along the way.

Les encouraged our scholars to go beyond what had been their bounds as high school students and participate in new things, and to be receptive to new ideas. At various points, Les would question each scholar such as “Why did you chose the college you will be attending?” and then he had comments about some of the things the students might experience once they were at that particular college.

Another thing that Les asked the scholars to do once they were enrolled was to visit the Kiwanis Circle K advisor at their college and to get involved in Circle K activities. He even gave each a flyer with the Circle K information for that college, so each could get right to it!

During the discussion that followed President Hewitt encouraged the scholars to experience the social side of college i.e. have some fun as experience gained in social interactions can also help you make choices in your life stream. Tim Horner asked one of the scholars who will attend college in New York City if he knew any famous alumni from that college? Turned out a good friend of Les’ is now involved in the leadership of Kiwanis International and had given a keynote address at that college. Eva Krieger, Scholarship Chair, presented each scholar a gift card for their respective college bookstore to buy something fun like sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. not just books!

Ashley Schaefer pictured here with her Dixon High School Counselor, Ms. Yulissa Balsamo
George Davis pictured here with his Dixon High School Counselor, Ms. Yulissa Balsamo