Principal Brian Allen

Principal Brian Allen joined us this past Tuesday morning to talk about happenings at Surf City Elementary. This relatively new school serves the fast growing area of Pender County. The school designed for 750 students and sharing the campus with Surf City Middle has already grown to 745 students with a staff of 70 that includes 34 classroom teachers, and five encore teachers. Even though the school is near capacity, Principal Allen described alterations that will allow for even more students as the area continues a fast rate of growth with military families moving more and more into the community as the US Marine Corps realign their forces to Camp Lejeune.

The motto at Surf City Elementary home of the Sea Turtles is SURF! SURF stands for the positive behavior traits we teach each day at Surf City Elementary. SURF stands for S (Self-Control), U (Understanding), R (Responsibility), and F (Fairness).

As with all schools, the COVID pandemic has changed the way Surf City Elementary operates day to day. There have been long periods of remote learning with teachers trying to keep their students on track at grade level. When in-person learning resumed COVID guidelines had to be follow. One thing that Principal Allen did was keep students in pods, so that each pod of students stayed together during their daily activities, thus minimizing the chance of exposure to the virus.

As mentioned above there has been an influx of military families into the community and this can present issues for kids when one parent is deployed in addition to concerns over COVID. To help with military family life, the Surf City Elementary has a full-time Military Family Life Counselor to work one-on-one with military students.

Principal Allen and his staff continue to develop their strategic plan for the Surf City Elementary land footprint with ideas such as an outdoor area that goes beyond their current courtyard patio where students can plant and maintain the patio garden to a walking track and other facilities to promote physical health and exercise.

Principal Allen made a request to our Club for volunteers to help with the Pender County tutoring and mentoring program at his school to extend the reach of teachers and give individual help in reading and especially math that seems to be a difficult subject for elementary students to master.

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