Josh Schieffer

In 2020, Josh and his two sons, Blake and Jacob formed Watermans Warehouse, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in which he currently serves as the Executive Director. Watermans Warehouse provides free and reduced priced swim lessons to local residents who are under financial stress.

Josh made an alarming point that quite a number of people do not know how to swim and it is kind of ironic that as a beach community our focus is on the ocean, sound and activities associated with those water environments. In fact, Josh stated that for kids up to 4 years of age, drowning is the number 1 cause of death, while for kids 5-15 years of age, drowning is the number 2 cause of death.

This is where Watermans Warehouse comes in. The non-profit’s vision and mission is “We will facilitate and introduce Americans to various water related activities, sports and careers while reducing the drowning deaths in America.” Watermans Warehouse purpose states that “We believe every American should have the opportunity to learn how to swim for an affordable price and enjoy water-related activities, sports and careers safely.”

As Josh explained during his presentation, the idea for Watermans Warehouse came from his oldest son Blake who wanted a career in the retail clothing industry after his enlistment in the US Navy was over. With a family interest in all things water associated, Josh, Blake and Jacob (a Topsail High student) came up with the idea of providing a means for kids and adults who never learned to swim to get the swimming lessons they needed by supporting the cost of those lessons though the sales of beach clothing with the Watermans Warehouse logo.

Josh also related that almost 80% of the kids in households with under $50K in annual income do not know how to swim. This where the non-profit kicks in by providing for those qualified kids the opportunity to learn how to swim.
One of the biggest obstacles Watermans Warehouse has had to face is making the connection between their opportunity for providing swim lessons and finding kids who should be the recipients of those swim lessons.
Josh encouraged our Kiwanis Club (KIDS NEED KIWANIS) to help in this effort though our contacts with the local schools in Pender and Onslow counties. Josh is also reaching out to other groups like ours who serve kids in the community to form strategic alliances and to broadcast this opportunity for kids throughout our community.

… about Josh

With a lifelong love of the ocean and a permission slip from his Mom, at 17, Josh Schieffer joined the US Submarine Force. While stationed in Pearl Harbor, Josh attended Chaminade University with a focus on International and Business Communications. After a four year tour (mostly underwater) Josh started a successful career in manufacturing with an emphasis on Environmental Health and Safety Excellence. While traveling to factories throughout the world Josh received a BA in Business Management and an MBA in Project Management. Josh leveraged his Naval experience and brought similar submarine safety systems and cultures to the organizations he served and is currently working for Duke Energy. On the side, Josh runs a small publishing company and has produced several bestselling books in the food and beverage segment. In his free time he surfs, fishes, dives, and spear fishes.

Please visit the Watermans Warehouse website to learn more about this non-profit and how you can help by contributing or volunteering.