Edna Smith, Ph. D.

This past Tuesday, fellow Kiwanian Edna Smith, Ph.D. led the club through our annual update on Youth Protection Guidelines for all members who work with kids in any Kiwanis-sponsored format or gathering. As a retired educator, Dr. Smith is highly-qualified to lead us through club training from her experiences over a 30-year career in education that included many years abroad where she experienced different cultures and how ‘kids’ lived in the norm of their country’s society.

Every Kiwanian member who works with kids should have access to training materials from Kiwanis International, undergo a background check both through Kiwanis but also through the local school system if you participate in Service Leadership Programs. Edna mentioned rules for chaperones, field trips, and medication monitoring. She encouraged Kiwanians to be observant during school programs where an individual kid may seem troubled and bring this to the attention of the school administrator.

Each member in attendance Tuesday received the Kiwanis Youth Protection Policies and Procedures (updated October, 2021).
If you want an electronic version, please click on this link ‘YOUTH PROTECTION’